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Gold Bond® BRAND Fire-Shield® Gypsum Board contains a specially formulated gypsum core with selected additives to enhance the fire-resistive properties. Fire-Shield gypsum board is intended for use in wall and ceiling applications requiring fire-resistive ratings.

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Gold Bond® eXP® Interior Extreme® IR Gypsum Panel. Description. Gold Bond® BRAND e XP® Interior Extreme® IR Gypsum Panel is an impact, moisture and mold resistant gypsum panel designed for interior applications requiring increased resistance to incidental moisture and wall penetrations.. eXP Interior Extreme IR is manufactured with an enhanced abuse, impact, moisture and mold resistant ...

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Gold Bond® Fire-Shield C™ Gypsum Board. Description. Gold Bond® BRAND Fire-Shield C™ Gypsum Board panels have a specially formulated Type X core to achieve superior performance when used in specific fire-rated Type C assemblies. Long edges of the panels are tapered or square.

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Yoshino Gypsum Sales Co., Ltd. [Calcined Gypsum Products] Takasago Seishi Co., Ltd. [Base Paper for Tiger Board] Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation; Gypsum Board Association of Japan; CataLab …

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USG is your source for gypsum board products. As the leading gypsum board manufacturers in the industry, our USG Sheetrock® drywall and Durock® drywall brands are just two examples of the quality that we can offer projects. Here, you'll find many varieties of wholesale drywall, as well as various accessories, including corner beads and ...

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J K Gypsum Industry a company which was incorporated in the year 1996. We stated as a trading co. Dealing in various building products over a period. Our major client include builders,Turnkey, Interior Designers contractors and Architects with the best quality Gypsum Plaster.

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FasTrack products, Gypsum Board products, Ceiling Board products, ProForm products. ProForm® Factory Built Housing Texture Grade Ready Mix Compound Specially formulated for texturing walls and ceilings in manufactured housing facilities.

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Since 1965, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has been committed to developing the highest quality gypsum building products in the industry. Our versatile ToughRock ® gypsum boards are ideal for a wide range of commercial and residential interior applications, and our Dens ® family of high-performance fiberglass mat-faced gypsum products offer exceptional strength and superior moisture, mold and fire ...

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National Gypsum Company (Gold bond™ drywall) has long been one of the major producers of gypsum panels used for building exterior wall sheathing and also for interior wall and ceiling coverings, including gypsum board products and joint compound that contained asbestos.

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★ Gypsum is a component of Portland cement, where it acts as a hardening retarder to control the speed at which concrete sets. ★ Satin spar, which is a variety of gypsum, is sometimes used as an ornamental stone, while alabaster is used primarily for sculpting. ★ Gypsum is used to give color to cosmetics and drugs. It has been permitted ...

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National Gypsum Company Gold Bond Building Products, the court essentially held that circumstantial evidence of a manufacturer's product at a site, such as a witness remembering the Gold Bond label, was enough for the manufacturer to be named as …

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Aug 06, 2020· National Gypsum products contained asbestos up until the 1970s; however, it was the flagship brand, Gold Bond, which used the most asbestos, potentially causing the most harm. Gypsum is a natural mineral that continues to be used as the main component in Gold Bond …

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Below is a list of ALL the Gold Bond Brand Gypsum Products. To see specific families, refer to the the subcategories listed. GREENGUARD GOLD Certification gives our products compliance in …

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Gold Bond® Gypsum Products ProForm® Finishing Products ... NATIONAL GYPSUM | 704.365.7300 | TECHNICAL INFORMATION 1-800-NATIONAL NATIONALGYPSUM.COM / ESPANOL ...

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Thistle BondingCoat is an ideal base coat plaster for smooth or low suction backgrounds such as tiling, concrete, plasterboard or surfaces treated with Thistle Bond-It. The fine mix allows for improved workability, making it easier to spread, rule and darby.

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Gold Bond brand Gypsolite is a lightweight gypsum basecoat plaster mixed at the plant with correctly sized and proportioned perlite aggregate. It requires only the addition of water on the job. Gypsolite plaster is manufactured to be trowel applied as a basecoat over gypsum or metal lath.

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National Gypsum, known as the leader in quality, customer service, and innovation, manufactures Gold Bond® gypsum board; ProForm® finishing products, and PermaBase® cement board.: Technical Literature : Consumer Website : Design Center Website

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Gold Bond ® BRAND Gypsum Board is the name for a family of board products consisting of a noncombustible core, primarily of gypsum, with a paper surfacing on the face, back and long edges.. Ever conscious of the environmental challenges we face in today's world, National Gypsum produces its gypsum board with 100 percent recycled paper on both the face and back.

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Dynamic Bond Plus is a high-performance bonding agent for gypsum and cement plaster on concrete blocks/RCC surfaces. Further it has waterproofing properties and hence it prevents leakages from the cracks in the plaster and provides very strong mechanical cum chemical bond between gypsum plaster and concrete surface.

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Garant cove bond is a gypsum plaster based product. It is specially formulated for bonding gypsum cornices to fibrous plaster, plasterboard and interior masonry surfaces.